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St. Pete Saturday Morning Market

Saturday, March 6th 2021

The 20/21 season of the Saturday Morning Market has joyfully begun. Not surprisingly, the Market operates quite differently during this season.  In addition to very strong safety practices, the following are some notable changes:

  •  We are requiring vendors and customers to wear a face mask at all times. To maximize mask wearing within Market, there will be no eating or drinking allowed within the Market.  There are a tables and chairs setup beside the stadium and on the east lawn as pleasant options for consuming your favorite foods.
  • Some vendors have chosen not to participate (at this time) due to their personal circumstances.
  • We will not have live musical entertainment within Market, as we want to encourage customers to shop quickly.  We will have recorded music to add an upbeat atmosphere.

Check out our Market COVID Safety Practices and the Market Design Changes to learn about other changes to the Market this year.

Food Assistance: We'll match up to $40 of your SNAP purchase on Florida fruits and vegetables.